Kimberly and Janice

The New Mexico Bank and Trust on Louisiana was robbed April 10, 2010. A police pursuit then occurred, and the robber, Jeremiah Jackson, crashed into Janice Flores and Kimberly Aragon Nunez who were killed during their lunch break.

Bank robberies are serious crimes. But, are chases the best and safest way to catch the robber? A few verbal comments and an email reveals that bank robbers almost always get caught by using other methods and resources. Here's the email comment: "Acts of violence occurred in 4% of bank robberies in 2009 and resulted in 140 injuries, 21 deaths, and 94 persons being taken hostage. Of the 21 reported deaths, all were perpetrators. The average loss was less than $8,000. Depending on who you listen to 60-75% eventually get caught, not a bad clearance rate. I believe a pursuit is usually unnecessary unless someone was seriously injured or killed. The purpose of the pursuit would be to prevent future injuries and deaths not apprehension for the crime