Angeles Ipiña

My Visit to Angeles' Room
by Candy Priano

I never had the privilege of knowing Angeles Ipiña. I have met and am honored to count Maria and Diana Ipiña, Angeles’ mother and sister, respectively, as my friends. Through these two women, I have come to know so much more about Angeles. Her death—immeasurable for the Ipiña family—is also incalculable for the citizens of Dallas.
Angeles Ipiña, 16, already a hospital volunteer, had planned to become a doctor. She had set her sights on Baylor University. Above all, she loved her family. I walked around her bedroom, still the way she left it. I saw pictures of Angeles with her father and mother, with her brother, with her sister, and with her friends.



















































Diana Ipiña, sister of Angeles, takes a picture of Angeles' Memorial Tree planted on the grounds of Mercy Street. Angeles is an innocent victim of pursuit. (above)