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Our Nation's Innocent Victims of Pursuit & their stories.

Top 10 Nine myths and one fact why more innocent people will be killed and injured in police pursuits.

Archived Viewpoints
"If it's predictable, it's preventable."
More than 40 percent of all police chases end in a crash.

The police chases that "weren't" are right here!

Speaker Candy Priano talks about "The Other Side of the Windshield.

Why do we need a campaign?

Because the innocent have more than their hands tied
when they are killed, paralyzed and disfigured
in police chases.

Our National Campaign:

  1. ALL Drivers who flee
    a. can not make bail because they are flight risks.
    b. can not plea-bargain for eluding officers,
    c. must serve mandatory prison time for the full sentence, and
    d. must pay a mandatory fine — larger than fines for traffic violations, DUI, or driving without a valid license — before being released from jail/prison. Note: Parents of minors will pay this fine immediately or go to jail until the fine is paid.

  2. Monies collected will build state-of-the-art pursuit training tracks for officers.

  3. Officers can only conduct police vehicular pursuits for known violent crimes, also known as Kristie's Law.

  4. An independent investigative team (comprised of officers from other agencies, victims' advocates and non-law enforcement professionals) will review police vehicular pursuits ending in death or injury.

  5. Officers must follow their pursuit policy. If you live in California, click here.

Republican California State Senator Sam Aanestad, author of Kristie's Law states, "I introduced Kristie's Law for one simple reason: to save lives. An innocent child in my district was killed in a high-speed police pursuit, and the police weren't even after some violent, dangerous criminal. They were chasing a teenage girl for driving her mother's car without permission. There's something very wrong when the police response to a crime poses a greater threat to public safety than the crime itself."

California senators vote down Kristie's Law in 2005 — everyone laughed at
Florence Nightingale, too!

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The Court's Slip Opinion
Scott v. Harris pdf

The Supreme Court
of the United States

NY Times: Court Backs Police in Chase That Hurt Driver

News Stories

Commentary right here.

State high court rulings
on following policy

Prevention — Not Litigation

Catch & Release! Too many are released back into the streets before officers finish their paperwork.

Los Angeles Community Policing:
The Real Tragedy of Police Pursuits

Support: Sheriff urged to staff cars with 2 deputies
(Story no longer available in LA Times)

Richmond Times-Dispatch
After deaths of Petersburg couple, more loss: loss of trust
"The idea that the people you trusted were involved in the death of your loved one adds another type of loss: the loss of trust in someone you thought would keep you safe," Candy Priano said.

The Chronicle-Telegram
Police: Chases looked at by case
"We do believe fleeing drivers should be caught, " Priano said. "But we also don't believe innocent lives should be put at risk.

The Berkeley Daily Planet
Priano family continues fight for chase limits
One of the most active campaigns in both California and the nation to put stricter limits on high-speed police pursuits is being conducted by the mother of Kristie Priano, the 15-year-old Chico girl who was killed ....


This web site is devoted to innocent bystanders killed & injured in police chases. We are the true victims. The number of deaths to the innocent has swelled. But this message is to those who flee: Don't do it. You will either be killed in a violent crash or by a hail of gunfire. More than two teenagers each week die horrible, painful deaths or they become paralyzed from crashes when they flee from the police. It's not a game, and you will lose.
--Candy Priano, based on five years of research, August 12, 2007

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