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Why PursuitSAFETY?

One a day!

Every day police pursuit crashes kill someone;
at least 1/3 of these deaths are innocent bystanders!

These faces are pictures of innocent victims of pursuit and represent the number — the underreported number — of innocent bystanders killed in crashes because of police vehicular pursuits during a five-month period in the United States. Remember, even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration admits that its Fatality Analysis Reporting System is underreported because law enforcement agencies are not required to report all pursuit fatalities.



Candy Priano is the founder and executive director of PursuitSAFETY, a national nonprofit organization. PursuitSAFETY's mission is to save lives, specifically the lives of innocent bystanders and police officers by working for a safer way to protect all of us from the tragedy of police chases.

  1. Candy's 15-year-old daughter Kristie, an innocent bystander, was killed as a result of a non-policy police chase. As is the case for other innocent victims of pursuit, Kristie's death was not only preventable; it was predictable.

  2. For the past seven years, Candy has researched police vehicular pursuits — all sides of this issue — with an increased focus on the need for public safety. Research proves that when officers chase for only known violent crimes, the number of motorists fleeing has not increased. The only change has been a reduction in the number of innocent bystanders killed and injured.

  3. Deaths and injuries to the innocent can — and do — happen to people who thought it would never happen to them.

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