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Innocent victims pursuing justice
Carefully measured observations
tell the tragedy of police chases

Candy Priano is doing something she never dreamed possible or necessary:
She gives a presentation entitled, "The Other Side of the Windshield." Candy, founder of PursuitSAFETY, learned about the good and bad of vehicular police pursuits in the worse possible way -- through the unnecessary and preventable death of her innocent daughter, Kristie. For more than eight years now, Candy continues to search for the "Why?" Why is this dangerous police tactic so widely accepted as keeping the public safe?


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  • Which scenario is safer?  An unlicensed driver on the road?  An unlicensed driver on the road fleeing police, now driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed?
  • Which is more valuable?  A stolen vehicle?  A human life?
  • What makes sense?  A pursuit law that puts Public Safety First.


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