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Houghton, Michigan

To the editor:

Public safety first;
ban plea-bargain deals

December 30, 2004 -- You drink, you drive, you lose. We all heard about all those warnings before. Click it or ticket. New work zone laws. Seat belt, helmet laws. We know laws are not meant to be broken but to obey.

Now back to this: You drink, you drive, you lose. I'll tell you what is the big problem, it's not adding more police to patrol the streets and highways. Which, I say, is good but I see a waste of time and money and risk of lives, injury and even death in high-speed chases.

Now back to the big problem. I've said this before but it don't seem to penetrate the minds of those in authority. Be sure of this. Probably nine out of 10 alcohol-related drivers that will get a ticket and stand before judges and prosecutors have stood before those judges and lawyers about twice in the past month.

Now here is the big problem that should be abolished, the sooner the better. And better for the criminal, better for society, a money saver and a life saver. Definitely ban the plea-bargain deals and other senseless deals that give the law breakers and criminals the right to choose for themselves whether to go to jail or back in society to continue where they left off before they got caught.

Our lawmakers are responsible for the safety and protection of the public. But I see they are not fulfilling their obligation rightfully. If our judicial system would take to heart and put to work the question WWJD?

Be certain then of a ... happier, healthy, safe New Year.



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