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The Indianapolis Star

Letter to the editor

A weak argument for police chases

November 29, 2002 -- In the Nov. 18 Star, John Strauss wrote that police chases are necessary in the fight against crime.

Strauss admits that innocent people have been killed during pursuits. Then he cites figures that reveal none of the people who avoided police capture after a chase went on to kill anyone.

Strauss advocates the continuation of police chases even after admitting that innocent people are in mortal danger and after citing statistics that show there's a greater risk of someone being killed during a chase than someone being killed by an escaped suspect.

Strauss also assumes that increasing jail time for running from the police will deter criminals from fleeing. So, we are to believe that someone who has already committed a crime will suddenly obey the law when the cops show up? How does this make sense.

Tony Satterthwaite


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