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Lyle Verry

Innocent victim, a Chico man is severely burned in chase. continued Chico man was saved by ridge chiropractor victim. continued As of 8-12-04, this suspect is still at-large. Police continue to search for suspect.
Suspect caught in 2005 was sentenced to 12 years in state prison for attempting to rob a store. Sadly, he was given only and additional 2 years for evading officers and permanently disfiguring Lyle Verry's face and upper body. Read the plea-bargain deal at the end of this story.

Coveted law enforcement endorsements stop some legislators from voting "yes" on legislation that would correct California's outdated and dangerous police pursuit policies. Read more, right here.

Crystal Pettit

Innocent pursuit victim Crystal Pettit, a Butte College student, suffers serious injuries Read more, right here.

Read Editorial Opinions: The Chico Enterprise-Record, The Ventura County Star, Redding Record Searchlight and other media, including those representing law enforcement.

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