One wonders when law enforcement will work with California legislators to make 
Kristie's Law the means to prevent a new generation of innocent victims of police pursuits.
Published in the Chico Enterprise-Record
May 12, 2004

Officers in thankless position

This is a difficult letter to write because I don't want to diminish the death of Kristie Priano.

At the same time, her death can't be diminished because it gets played over and over and over before us, almost daily, in the newspaper and quite frankly, I resent the continued implication of recklessness toward our peace officers.

Limits on police pursuits are ludicrous. The proposed law would "only allow pursuits of fleeing suspects who pose an immediate danger to the public?"

Oh, I get it. Our peace officers don't have enough on their plate already. Now they have to be mind-readers also. God forbid their mind-reading capabilities malfunction, because then our police department can be sued.

Bottom line ... our peace officers will be damned if they do and damned if they don't.

What a thankless position to put them in.

Jo Boelens


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