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Ten For Teale
With Love by Aunt Teri

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Today you would be Ten.
Oh, what a perfect ten, you would have been.
Happy Birthday Teale, sweetest little, tattle-tail girl.
You are so beautiful, a flawless pearl.
There could not be a more perfect angel in heaven than you, in our eyes.
You were taken from us as swift as the crow flies.
No one could have known, those nine candles you blew out, would be your last.
You were here and then gone from earth, so fast.
We will have to settle for you being nine, forever.
Someday, we will all be together.
You can be 10 in heaven, where there is no sin.
Ride your horse like the wind.
Swim in the pure water, for it is summer everyday.
We must believe it is that way.
Our love is everlasting for you.
This love will never fade, or discontinue.


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