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Families of pursuit victims live in every city, in every state, in every country.
Together, we will unite to prevent these tragedies from happening to others.

Steven Anthony Aveles, 20

Steven's family pictures tell a story of a strong bond in a loving family.
Steven's mother, RoseMarie Aveles Felix, writes about the love she has for all her children
and her only granddaughter, Melody.

RoseMarie also, writes, "I am lost. I can't go on. I am torn!!!!!
Believe I am having a hard time just writing you this (Broken and Crying)
Lost and Lonely Mother"


MelMel with her loving Uncle Steven

"My son Steven called his niece "MelMel." short for Melody Marie, writes Steven's mother, RoseMarie. "He always claimed she belonged to him, not his older brother Anthony. My son Steven bought all her outfits including shoes for the holidays."

Steven Aveles
"MelMel" is Steven's princess.
The story

A burglary in Yucaipa turned into a highway chase that caused the death of an innocent Upland man early Sunday morning, April 15, 2007. The Yucaipa Sheriff Station responded to the burglary and were in pursuit of a driver of a 2007 Dodge Charger who was fleeing the scene of an attempted burglary. The chase began on surface streets at 12th Street and Avenue D in Yucaipa and ended on Interstate 10 at Ford Street. The Charger, which had entered the freeway headed west in the eastbound lanes, crashed head-on into a 1999 Honda Civic killing 20-year-old Steven Aveles of Upland, a passenger in the Honda, and critically injuring the driver, whose name was withheld. The driver of the Civic, a 20-year-old La Puente man, was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center, according to the California Highway Patrol.

A son is honored: Steven Anthony Aveles

RoseMarie writes on June 16, 2007: "Today was the day that Cal Trans honors me with a sign for Adopting a Highway for my Son Steven. (My 3rd son Joshua is wearing a white tank. My older son Anthony had an Elevator Mechanic class this morning.)"

Also, at last Sunday's Dodger game, they displayed Steven's name on the bill board. It turned out beautiful.

"My son Steven worked for UPS Ontario, CA teamsters. This local has their own park, very nice one at that. On August 18 we will have a big BBQ,Live Bands and Bike/Car show the theme will be:
Need to Change Police Chases and its Law: Immunity/Liability Justice/Rights for the innocent Killed/Injured" something to this effect..........

Steven A. Aveles, 20"

Steven and his brothers on an Easter egg hunt with MelMel. MelMel is hidden in the photo on the left, but below you can see the love in Steven's face as he holds his precious niece.

Steven's Profile

"My Steven was Victimized by no Justice on that
stretch of the HWY E. bound 10frwy KILLED at Ford Ave
or Blvd city of Redlands, CA.........Still trying to
pick up pieces and will continue striving for
Justice through the Judicial system." RoseMarie Felix

Pictured here are (from left): From L: RoseMarie (Mom, standing)
Laura (Aunt), Jena (Cousin), Ramona (Aunt), Liz (Aunt)

Below RoseMarie, holding sign L: Ash (Cuz), R: Victoria (Cuz)
Below Liz: Kim (Cuz)


Nate Dog & Steve "Big Pretty"

... And, in an instant, it all changed.



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