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Letter to Editor
May 13, 2002

Response anything but quick

How important is a human life?

I've been reading the E-R, via the Internet, since my niece, Kristie Priano, suffered a fatal head injury when another teen-ager ran a stop sign going 60 mph (per the police report) and hit my brother's minivan, right where Kristie was sitting.  The Chico police were chasing this teen-ager in an unlighted, narrow residential area even though they knew the teen-ager's name, address, and that she had "taken" her mother's car.


As a grieving relative, I'm confused about the city of Chico's priorities and have to ask, "Why is Chico taking another look at tree protection before it takes one look at its chase procedures?"  I love trees.  I understand their value to the environment.  The developer was wrong, and there needs to be consequences for his actions.  But why hasn't your city shown some integrity regarding the police chase of Jan. 22?  There's been no "quick response" to this incident as requested in your Feb. 8 editorial.  Surely Kristie Priano and all human beings are more important than trees, aren't they?


Please don't allow this to be swept away and forgotten until the next time an innocent person is killed from a police pursuit.


To the many wonderful people of Chico who were with Mark, Candy, Steven and all of us when we were at the hospital and at Kristie's funeral, "Thank You."  I know my brother and his family still need your support and prayers.  Please remember, their pain never fades.

--Sherry Sullivan, Indianapolis


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