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California Senate Public Safety Hearing
April 13, 2004

Experts say many of California's pursuit policies are outdated and dangerous. Read the full story in The Chico Enterprise-Record. April 24, 2004

Chico's Police Chief opposes Kristie's Law. Read the full story by Staff Writer Larry Mitchell in The Chico Enterprise-Record. April 24, 2004

The hearing for Kristie's Law (SB 1866, now SB 1403) took place in front of the California Senate Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, April 13th. After the introduction of the bill by Sen. Aanestad and testimony by Mark and Candy Priano and myself (Jim Phillips) the opponents of the bill were given the opportunity to express themselves. A host of Law Enforcement representatives stepped to the witness table. After a self-serving statement from the first opponent of the bill about how he was moved to tears by the Priano's story, he launched into litany of often discredited cliches about why the police need wide discretion in pursuit policy. -- a detailed analysis about police pursuit legislation in California by April 17, 2004

"I wake up every day asking, 'How could this happen?' " Kristie's father, Mark Priano, told the Senate Committee on Public Safety. An honor student and athlete at Champion Christian School in Chico, Kristie died in January 2002, seven days after a vehicle crashed into her family's van while fleeing police. That car was driven by another 15-year-old who had driven off with her mother's vehicle. Read the full story in The Sacramento Bee. April 14, 2004

Safety quest: "Kristie is dead, just like many other crime victims, yet the police and local politicians did not surround our family with support," she said. "One local politician told us, 'Well, you sued the city.' We did not file our suit for six months. I think that was plenty of time for the police and local politicians to come to us and explain truthfully what happened and why." Read the full story by Staff Writer Larry Mitchell in The Chico Enterprise-Record. April 13, 2004

Jim Phillips, Founder of, who has worked with Florida law enforcement to develop smarter and safer police pursuit policies, testified on behalf of Kristie's Law at the Senate Public Safety Hearing. Read Jim Phillips' testimony. April 13, 2004

"Our family supports law enforcement, but our experience has led us to seek changes in our state's police pursuit law.  I have talked to many officers who support restrictive pursuit policies because they believe innocent bystanders should not be getting killed so they can catch "the bad guys."  These officers still do their job.  They just do it in a different way -- a safer way. Read the rest of Candy Priano's testimony. April 13, 2004



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