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South Carolina
Population: 4,107,183

In 2003, NHTSA reports nine known* fatalities by pursuit crashes in South Carolina; one was an innocent victim, and one was an officer. Deaths of passengers -- including children -- in the chased vehicles are not counted as innocent victims. Their deaths are counted as "occupants of chased vehicles."

South Carolina Department of Public Safety

Google: South Carolina Police Pursuit

South Carolina Police Chase

National Association of Police Organizations

National Sheriffs' Association

Drive & Stay Alive: Police Pursuits

"Police are realizing that chasing suspects at high speeds through populated areas
just isn't worth the risk," Geoff Alpert, an expert on police pursuits, says.

*Police pursuit deaths are under-reported for many reasons, click here.

Reported Deaths
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Reports on fatalities due to violent pursuit crashes, click here.

2003 NHTSA report by state, click here.
1992 - 2001 NHTSA reports, click here.

South Carolina Laws Governing
Police Vehicular Pursuit
South Carolina on "immunity."
Under the state Tort Claims Act, a person suing a governmental agency generally can't receive more than $300,000.

Officer Accountability State faces suits over car chase October 8, 2005
Columbia, SC, ... ordered other troopers to "go get him," which led to a high-speed chase over ... says troopers did not follow Highway Patrol policy for car chases because they ...

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Officer Training
Series: NIJ Research in Brief
Research still in progress

South Carolina Penalties
for Fleeing

These penalties are for fleeing only.
Research in progress

South Carolina's Penalties for Fleeing Juveniles
Research in progress

Pending South Carolina Legislation
on Police Pursuits
Research in progress

Media reports on South Carolina pursuits
HeraldOnline: Police action may have saved lives, officials say January 6, 2005
A Rock Hill police supervisor's decision to call off a high-speed car chase Tuesday -- less than five minutes after it began -- may have saved innocent lives, an expert says.

It's the latest example of a growing trend among law agencies across the nation, said Geoff Alpert, a criminology professor at the University of South Carolina and an expert on police pursuits. LAWMAKERS should demand new police pursuit guidelines July 25, 2004 (link no longer available)
Columbia, SC, ... This is the latest, sad chapter in a recurring story line: Innocent motorists and bystanders often get injured or killed during high-speed chases. ...

Media reports nationwide
USA Today: Police pressured to call off chase
January 5, 2003

Innocent Victims of South Carolina Pursuits
Mike Wilson, 53, of Columbia, February 16, 2006, was killed by a suspect fleeing the police, who were chasing the suspect for stealing two rings from a jewelry store. The thief jumped two fences to get to the Ford Focus that had been reported stolen in Columbia.

For more information, "Google" names.

South Carolina Case Laws
on Police Pursuits
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