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Letter published in the Chico Enterprise-Record
April 1, 2004

Remarks about bill insensitive

I was shocked and disappointed to read in the E-R the article in which Chico Police Chief Bruce Hagerty criticized Senate Bill 1866, Kristie's law, which is aimed at putting some limits on police pursuits.

Has he forgotten the recklessness of the Chico Police Department, which chased a 15-year-old girl driving her mother's car through the streets of Chico while she ran several stop signs until she hit and killed Kristie Priano? This girl posed no public threat yet another beautiful young girl died because the officers apparently wanted the thrill of a chase.

I carefully studied the bill. The limitations on police officers are very relaxed. In fact I agree with Jim Phillips, whose daughter was also killed in a police pursuit, that the measure is not strong enough. Mark and Candice Priano of Chico asked Sen. Sam Aanestad to author this bill after their daughter was killed by the reckless behavior of the Chico Police Department. They funneled their energies into trying to prevent further such tragedies. The least Hagerty could do is keep his opinions to himself instead of trying to undermine their hard work with his negative comments.

I should mention that I do not know the Prianos or anyone who has lost a family member to police pursuit. But I can easily put myself in the shoes of these poor families.

Linda Calbreath

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