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Letter published in the Chico-Enterprise Record
March 14, 2004

Pursuit law would reduce risk
I want you to count me as one of the many in our community who support Kristie's Law for smarter police pursuits. I know and love the Priano family. My heart goes out to them and I keep them in my prayers. I believe in the efforts they are pursuing, as they not only need to do this for some sense of peace and giving some meaning to the loss of their lovely daughter, but they truly have the goodwill and safety of their fellow man at heart.

Some police officers may not want this bill, fearing restrictions and litigation. But how can we in good conscience continue to put our police officers at risk? Look at the statistics the Prianos have spent countless hours researching. In the last two years since Kristie's death, over half of the 750 Americans killed in police pursuits have been officers and the innocent. I support our police. Let us protect them through good judgment and pass Kristie's Law.

Karen Irving



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