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Redding Record Searchlight

Bill pursues justice for 'lost victims'
Victims of crime leave behind families who fear that their loved ones will be forgotten.
released: 05/26/2004

State Sen. Sam Aanestad has recently proposed a bill that would restrict high speed pursuits of suspected criminals who flee from the police (Senate Bill 1403).
released: 05/12/2004

SPEAK YOUR PIECE: Senator Sam Aanestad
In the last few weeks, there has been a media storm regarding my introduction of Senate Bill 1403, Kristie s Law, regulating high-speed police pursuits in California.
released: 05/12/2004

Limits on police chases sought
North state law enforcement agencies are giving a cool reaction to a bill by state Sen. Sam Aanestad that would restrict high-speed pursuits.
released: 05/01/2004


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