Media Coverage of Pursuits

Commentary by Candy Priano

August 26, 2005 -- While I can understand that a live shooting of a suspect fleeing from police will be a draw for TV viewers, I become exasperated by the lack of media coverage when innocent people are killed in the violent crashes that result from these high-risk chases. Below is just one of what seemed like endless links to this pursuit-shooting story that received national attention.

Most readers probably did not even know that just prior to this shooting, between March 10 and April 13, four innocent victims lost their lives to California pursuits. Combined, the number of stories on these four victims, did not come close to matching the number of Google Alerts I received on the pursuit-shooting story.

LA Police Chase Ends In Fatal Showdown - Live On TV - New York,NY,USA
Even in Southern California where high speed chases are regular TV fare, this chase stood out. A suspect in a stolen car led Long ...