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Kristie's Law is a preventative measure
Relying on fact-based research and studies, the proposed legislation known as Kristie's Law — is a means to save lives. Sadly, no law will eliminate the tragedy of pursuit an innocent victim or officer killed but with Kristie's Law there will be fewer tragedies.

So, why the opposition? Here is the answer.

Read why some officers do embrace Kristie's Law, a statewide pursuit policy that allows chases to capture only violent felons. These officers know restrictive pursuit policies will prevent others from becoming innocent victims of high-speed police chases.

Lead with Accountability
California law enforcement agencies must lead with accountability even if our state law governing police vehicular pursuits says otherwise.

Kristie's Law is proposed legislation to adopt Statewide Pursuit Practices to save the lives of the innocent and our officers.

Policy changes in Los Angeles and around the country prove that restricting pursuits saves lives: LAPD changes, right here & nationwide, right here.
When is a high-speed pursuit not a high-speed pursuit
Were they involved in a high-speed pursuit through the bus interchage? ...
Other Police Pursuit Legislation in California that we support:
Legislation to Make Fleeing Suspects Pay $$$, SB 126

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