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Editorial published February 2, 2002

Hits and Misses

MISS—The Chico Police Department needs to be more forthright with information in the case of a police pursuit that preceded a fatal accident involving a 15-year-old girl who stole a sport utility vehicle. The underage driver plowed into a family van in a residential area on East Fifth Avenue.  Kristina Priano, a 15-year-old Champion Christian School sophomore who was riding in her family's van, died a week after the accident.*

Police have been sketchy with details, saying the incident is "under investigation." The public wants to know why the police were chasing a stolen car in a residential neighborhood.  If the department can state unequivocally that the pursuit stopped before the accident,* then it should. 

Notes by Candy Priano:

  1. *These incidents are not "accidents." The DOT calls them "crashes" "collisions."
  2. Reporters learned later that the teen had taken her mother's vehicle without permission.
  3. According to the official police report report, neither the supervisor nor the officers made any attempt to terminate the pursuit.

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