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Candy and Mark's Wedding Day
August 5, 1978

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In her younger years, Kristie was a gymnast. Here she & Sassy & Chance ham it up for the camera


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Picture of Kristie taken beginning of Sophomore year

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Thanksgiving 1996

Kristie, Mom and Steven after skating at SF Union Square

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Daddy & Kristie, 7

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Friend Amber & Kristie painting signs for a B-Ball game

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Family picture, 2000

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Family picture, Oregon, 1993

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Family & extended family in Washington DC, 1996

Back from Left: Uncle Steve, Aunt Sherry, Grandmom, Candy

Front: Steven, Cousins Ashley and Shannon, Kristie,

Cousin Eric in Stroller


Photo Agreement
To use these pictures, please contact Candy Priano. Unless you have made other arrangemets with Candy, pictures of Kristie Priano may be used for the following four reasons:

1.  Legitimate news/magazine/web stories about police vehicular pursuits. In no way should any picture or likeness of Kristie be used to encourage people to flee from the police. Kristie and her family are advocates for law and order. We are anti-crime. Kristie's Law is about public safety and saving lives.

2.  Stories about Kristie's walk with her Lord, Jesus Christ. While Kristie's life was way too short here on earth, she often shared stories about her love for our Lord. What helps us go on is that we know our beautiful Kristie is in the loving arms of Jesus, and we will be with Kristie again.

3.  Stories about organ donation. Kristie was an organ donor. Two months before she was killed, Kristie had shared with us how she had learned in health class that children needed to let their parents know if they wanted to be an organ donor.

4.  Stories about Kristie's love of animals. In junior high, Kristie was a volunteer animal caretaker and a junior naturalist intern at the Chico Creek Nature Center. She had hoped to have a career caring for and working with animals. For information about making a donation to Kristie's Nature Lab, click here.  

Any misrepresentation of pictures, likenesses or information about Kristie Priano will be subject to the penalties of the law.
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