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"It is the fault of the people who are fleeing law enforcement officials, but we ought to have policies and training on high-speed pursuit to make sure pursuit is appropriate. In cases where we have minor infractions, in cases where there is no imminent danger, we ought not have chases at 60, 80 or 100 miles per hour, in which innocent people get killed."
U.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., whose mother was killed when she crossed paths with a high-speed chase in 1986 in North Dakota, has called for a national policy.

"The dirty little secret is that California Law Enforcement would rather not discuss the real reason for opposition to Senator Sam Aanestad's Kristie's Law -- accountability."
Jim Phillips,
Winter Park, FL

"I hope to see similar legislation on pursuit policies in Texas. As a moderate conservative, I believe law enforcement needs to be held accountable when making horrible decisions. I first learned about the proposed law when Fox News
aired a segment on it."

Douglas Lang
Plano, TX

"I watched John Walsh's T.V. program and I know how it is to change the laws and I am withyou 100% and if you could put me on your list to save the children fromhigh speed pursuits. The police here in Rock Springs did the same thing withsome teens and the teens killed a friend of mine and I could not chage thelaw here because one person could not do it without help. So I know what youfolks are going through. Please put me on your list. Thank you and God Blessyou all."
Linda Garcia
Rock Springs, Wyoming.

"These citizens do not volunteer to be rolling roadblocks for police,"
Retired Bellevue, Washington
Police Chief Donald Van Blaricom

"Restrictive chase policies save lives. I once thought police needed to chase. That's no longer my thought. Until (Indiana's) policies are revised, you're going to bury a lot more people."
Geoffrey P. Alpert, a national expert consulted by police and community leaders about pursuit issues, is quoted in this Indianapolis Star Two-Part Series on Deadly Chases.

"My condolences to you on your loss. All of us have lost the opportunity of meeting a wonderful person. Your efforts are appreciated. We all stand to gain from safer roads. In your efforts, you might consider policy in other states and other localities regarding pursuit. Fairfax County, Virginia has one of the best police driver education programs. A major factor is to scare the officers into using the radio first. Another major factor is to identify the at risk population that will run and preempt the chase. A recent chase from Yuba County to Sutter County suggests that the recommended coordination is not in place.
Dick Boyd
Browns Valley, CA

"Good for you. Every state
should have to follow policy."
Sherry Sullivan
Indianapolis, IN

"I would like info about getting laws changed here in Kentucky, concerning police chases and police speeding. If Kristie's Law passes, more states will adapt to that law and things might start changing. I sure hope so. I am so tired of hearing that a young person has died as the result of a police chase or because an officer was speeding. I am not against police officers, but sometimes they try too hard to become heroes, and the sad result is someone is killed."
Jonathan Hearld


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