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When it comes to police pursuits, two wrongs do not make it right
They make it deadly!

Innocent people caught in the middle of pursuits realize the drivers who flee are lawbreakers and need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Just as true, the actions of officers should never enhance the level of danger to the surrounding public or to the officers themselves. Two wrongs do not make it right. They make it deadly.
Any car — civilian or police — racing through our streets is equivalent to a 4,000-pound missile. Well-defined pursuit policies must be followed. Officers must always put public safety first, weighing the risk of the crime against the risk of the pursuit to the surrounding public.

More innocent, law-abiding citizens are killed, maimed and injured in police vehicular pursuits than from police shootings. Why? Retired Bellevue, Washington Police Chief Donald P. Van Blaricom answers this question in the April 2004 issue of 
Law Enforcement Executive Forum.

People Speak Out about Kristie's Law
Don't ban chases The Fresno Bee Rebuttal: Sensible restrictions on police pursuits The Fresno Bee

The illusion of safety is quickly fading.

No excuse for deadly pursuit  
-- Chico Enterprise-Record: 05/05/2004
Officers in thankless position
-- Chico Enterprise-Record: 05/12/2004
Don't forget 
the innocent
-- Chico Enterprise-Record: 05/25/2004
Key parts of letter missing
-- Chico Enterprise-Record: 06/5/2004
Lots of question marks but no real answers in pro-chase letters?
--Kristie's Law exclusive, too many words to be published in the E-R

The illusion of safety is quickly fading.

Chico's Police Chief doesn't like Kristie's Bill
-- Chico Enterprise-Record 
Staff Writer Larry Mitchell:  03/21/2004
Remarks about bill insensitive
-- Chico Enterprise-Record: 04/01/04
Chico's Police Chief opposes Kristie's Bill
-- Chico Enterprise-Record 
Staff Writer Larry Mitchell:  04/24/2004

The illusion of safety is quickly fading.

Not enough innocent people are killed
--The Press Democrat:  04/21/2004
Rebuttal: When it's your loved one, the statistic increases to 100 percent?
-- Submitted to The Press Democrat:  May 2004

The illusion of safety is quickly fading.

Don't tie officer's hands
  -- Chico-Enterprise Record
Rebuttal: Support Smarter Pursuits
 -- Chico Enterprise-Record
Support: Reduce risk
 -- Chico Enterprise-Record

Inappropriate chase -- another chase in a school zone -- Modesto Bee: 04/29/03 

Compassion lacking -- Ventura County Star

Civilians take a back seat -- Chico Enterprise-Record & The Fresno Bee:  June 2003

The innocent keep burying their loved ones

High-speed pursuit not worth the risk  

Stricter penalties for those who flee -- Chico Enterprise Record: 06/03/03

Campaigning for Kristie's Bill in Los Angeles


Lack of safety shows poor law enforcement tactics -- Chico Enterprise Record: 01/07/03

Police answers elusive

Blame Misplaced

Teen's death unnecessary

Same thing in Fresno

Pursuits aren't worth it

Police need better judgment

How important is a human life?

Kristie Priano will always be my hero


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