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Population: 3,547,884

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

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Reported Deaths
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Reports on fatalities due to violent pursuit crashes, click here.

2003 NHTSA report by state, click here.
2002 NHTSA report by state, click here.
1992 through 2001 NHTSA reports by state, click here.

Oklahoma's Laws Governing Police Vehicular Pursuit
Officer Accountability:
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Oklahoma's Penalties for Fleeing
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Oklahoma's Penalties for Fleeing Juveniles
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Pending Oklahoma Legislation on Police Pursuits
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Media reports on Oklahoma pursuits


Google Search for innocent victim:

Kent Edward Castleberry, 47, Oklahoma City, Nov. 19, 2005

Kent Edward Castleberry, 47, of Warr Acres died after the vehicle he was riding in was hit by a car being chased by Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers at NW 36 and May Avenue. Troopers said the chased vehicle ran a red light during the pursuit, which had started when troopers tried to pull over a car during the investigation of a stolen car ring. Troopers arrested the driver of the chased vehicle, Michael Wade Hixon, 29, of Blanchard.

Sgt. Jonathan Paul Dragus, 32, Oklahoma City Police Department, Oct. 20, 2005

Source for the above information came from Bryan Dean, The Oklahoman, Pursuit Policies Studied

Oklahoma's Case Laws on Police Pursuits
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