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Letter published in The Press Democrat
April 21, 2004

The Ultimate Price

EDITOR: My heart goes out to Mark Priano and his family after losing a daughter. However, Nick Warner, legislative director for the Sheriff's Association, is right on by saying the bill, "Kristie's Law,'' would bring on an avalanche of lawsuits. Not to seem heartless, but the statistics say that far less than 1 percent of those high-speed chases resulted in innocent people being hurt.
No one should die or be hurt, I agree. But why not put the responsibility on the criminal, not the police officers doing their jobs? Why not charge the person being chased with vehicular homicide? The police would not have had to chase the young woman who hit the Prianos' car if she had not fled.
Another occupation becomes undesirable because the liberals in this state empower the wrong people (think doctors, teachers and prison guards). Who do you think ultimately pays for this?
Rohnert Park

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