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Letter published in the Chico Enterprise Record
May 5, 2004

No excuse for deadly pursuit

The unwarranted pursuit of the young woman who caused the death of another innocent girl last year is as outrageous today as it was then, only now a family continues to grieve over their beloved daughter. Common sense says the high-speed chase of a very frightened young woman (who was no criminal threat to anyone) was completely unforgivable. Had they simply let her drive away and kept her under observance, then arrested her, what would the loss have been to police?

What was it that they knew that we the public didn't know about the young woman who caused the death? [This question has never been answered.] Was it life threatening that they pursued her so urgently? Yes, it turned out to be to the young lady who died.

It still saddens and angers me beyond words that this incident occurred in the first place. There is no validation for that pursuit. Ever.

Betty Catalanello



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