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Study your state's pursuit practices and laws

Information about your state is welcomed. Members of law enforcement and victims of pursuit are encouraged to send information about their state or innocent loved one to

Some law enforcement agencies restrict police chases in these cities:
Baltimore; Boston; Miami-Dade; Orlando, Florida; Peachtree City, Georgia; St. Louis; Phoenix, Arizona; and Seattle.

Most states now have information in place; just click on your state. In the near future, all of the states will be operational.

Fatality Analysis: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Population information for each state (10/15/03 & 2006):
E-mails from Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, Arizona, Indiana, Oregon ...

"These citizens do not volunteer to be rolling roadblocks for police,"
-- Retired Police Chief Donald Van Blaricom, Bellevue, Washington

Interview with John Walsh
Complete Transcript of the Show
Aired December 23, 2002

Walsh: ... Some states' victims have rights and some states' victims have no rights at the at all. I'll tell you what, the U.S. Constitution's been amended 27 times. Four for the criminals' rights. That's OK. They should have their rights. But nothing has ever been put in the Constitution or the Constitution has never been amended for victims' rights. ...

KING: A couple of other quick things. What do you make of the new police chief in L.A. stopping these high-speed police chases?

WALSH: You know, I know Chief Bratton, and he did a great job here in New York City. He's just the guy for the job in Los Angeles. You know, I think two things. First of all, the media covers these police chases way too much. It really spurs up other jerks to get high or drunk and go out there and try to outrun the police. Innocent people get killed. I think there is better ways to do it. Chief Bratton is going to do that. You call ahead to other jurisdictions, you put the nails across the street. You know, innocent people get killed in these police chases, and I'll tell you what, I think the media has a responsibility. Sure, it makes great TV, but it spurs these other creeps to try to do the same thing.




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