The Media Respond

(Articles and columns are in date order.)
Aanestad bravely strikes out on his own
--Chico Enterprise-Record Editor and Columnist David Little: 05/30/2004
--The Daily Journal Forum Column by Robert L. Bastian Jr.:  04/26/2004
Police pursuit law is overdue
--Ventura County Star Editorial: 04/14/2004
Last year, The Star Editorial Board asked: "What will it take to change police pursuits?" We were dismayed by the arrogance and disregard the California Highway Patrol exhibited toward the Oxnard family that lost its precious 18-year-old daughter in a police pursuit March 23, 2002.
Safety quest 
--Chico Enterprise-Record Staff Writer Larry Mitchell: 04/13/2004
Slow the cop chases
--San Francisco Chronicle Editorial: 03/11/2004
CHP needs to pursue new policy 
--Fresno Bee Columnist Bill McEwen:
Movement to reform police pursuits gaining ground 
--Chico Enterprise-Record Staff Writer Larry Mitchell:
Dangerous pursuit:  Police chases 
--Kentucky Post
Officers throw caution to the wind 
for the thrill of the chase
--Berkeley Dailey Planet
Will public continue to pay price?
--Hattiesburg (Mississippi) American Editorial:  04/23/2003 
High-speed pursuit not worth the risk 
--Chico Enterprise-Record Editorial: 03/03/2003
CHP must change policy
--Ventura County Star Editorial:  01/31/2003
Remember that pink dot on your driver's license 
--Chico Enterprise- Record Editorial: 12/28/2002
Big Boys, Big Toys 
--Ventura County Star Columnist Richard Larsen: Summer 2002
Chico Police not forthright about chase 
--Chico Enterprise-Record Editorial: 02/02/02



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