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Letter published in the Chico Enterprise-Record
June 5, 2004

Key parts of letter missing

Letter writer John Lozano is right. Let us not forget all the many other victims who died so unnecessarily. Had the teenager who stole her mother's vehicle for a reckless, deadly joyride not done so, Kristie Priano most probably would be alive today. Put the blame where it belongs.

I respect Lozano's right to list those beautiful names and young ages.  However, his letter suggests these deaths were due to minor (my interpretation) offenses where police pursuits were used for "suspects who have committed property crimes and broken traffic laws?"

What doesn't he understand about minor offenses going unchecked, growing into larger offenses?

What doesn't he understand about innocent deaths that come from these criminal acts, also? Where are these innocent victims and bystanders' beautiful names and ages?

And while he's at it, throw in all the peace officers' names and young ages, who have given their lives in the line of duty, across America, regardless of the measurement of the offense. They certainly deserve his recognition also.

There's an itsy bitsy part of me that reads hypocrisy here. Where are the thousands of names with ages that have benefited from successful pursuits?

Safe pursuits? Always, always a priority.  It's the criminal you need to educate. Because the way I see it, if there were safe criminals, this wouldn't be an issue. Get it?

Jo Boelens

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