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CHP officer, local resident killed in high speed pursuit

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CHP officers around the state are wearing black bands on their badges tonight, remembering one of their own who made the ultimate sacrifice. An officer whose home was right here in the valley, in Rancho Mirage.We have new information on the life of 48-year old James Goodman, an officer who colleagues say was one of the finest in the CHP."Jim is probably the best CHP motorcycle officer in the state."And CHP Officer Mark Muscardini would know. He worked side-by-side Goodman covering the same beat up in Oakland in the 1980's."I was really shocked to hear Jim Goodman was killed in a motorcycle accident, because he's probably the most proficient motorcycle officer we have."Goodman was killed yesterday while on duty, involved in a high-speed pursuit. Officials say he broad-sided a minivan in western Redlands. Goodman was taken to the hospital where he died."I wish I could bring Jim back, to be honest with you. When he made a friend, he was a true friend forever."Muscardini says perhaps Goodman's most heroic moment came in the devastating Loma Prieta earthquake in 89."Jim was the first officer on scene that evening, and actually crawled into the structure, saving people. It was probably one of the most heroic events I'm familiar with."Goodman was awarded the medal of valor for his efforts on that day.One CHP officer said Goodman's name pretty much described the kind of person he was, saying James Goodman was a good man.Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered flags lowered to half-staff today to honor the fallen officer. People who knew him say he's an officer they'll never forget."He was the nicest most soft-spoken, well-mannered person you'd ever want to meet."

Officer Goodman's death has hit hard here in the Coachella Valley, affecting colleagues, friends and neighbors.



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