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Two months before a pursuit crash killed Kristie, she talked about her health class: "Mom, Dad, I learned how to become an organ donor. All I have to do is tell you. So-o, I want to donate my organs. That’s what I would want to do if I were to die. What good would they do me, anyway?”

Kristie gave the gift of life
to four people.


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Kristie's Law partners with PursuitSAFETY, a national nonprofit 501(c)(3).
We are working for a safer way to reduce the number of pursuits in order to save the lives of innocent bystanders and police officers.

4,500 killed learn the facts



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Fifteen, a narrative nonfiction book, will remember innocent victims killed or injured as a result of drivers fleeing police. Please submit your story by clicking here. Updated 4-24-17

"Kristie's Law" was a proposed measure in 2004-05 that did not pass here in California. It would have corrected California's immunity shield for law enforcement that grants immunity even when the pursuit policy is not followed. It also advocated the need for a statewide pursuit policy that would have limited vehicular police pursuits to violent crimes when there is no other way to apprehend the suspect(s).

California has one specific area of law that is unique among the 50 states. California Vehicle Code Section 17004.7 provides immunity to law enforcement for injury to and death of innocent bystanders even when officers do not follow the vehicular pursuit policy their agency has actually adopted. There is no accountability to innocent victims and the families left behind.

Vehicle Code Section 17004.7 goes on and on, but nowhere in this code does it say officers must follow their pursuit policy. Read carefully, there's even an escape clause regarding the requirement for officers to read their pursuit policy. Veh. Code 17004.7 (b) (2) reads as follows: "The failure of an individual officer to sign a certification shall not be used to impose liability on an individual officer or a public entity."

Click here for 1987 to 2006 law: Vehicle Code Section 17004.7.

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PursuitSAFETY's spokesperson
Glenn Morshower shares a personal message
"It has everything to do with risk versus reward. In many cases, where the suspect poses no immediate danger to the public, it's the chase itself that causes the threat. This is not an anti-police campaign. I am a huge supporter of what it is police do. I just believe policy and procedure are there for a reason and need to be followed." Click on Glenn's image to learn why Glenn became involved in PursuitSAFETY, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working for a safer way to protect the innocent.

Glenn Morshower

Candy Priano states: The hardest part is watching the slow progress. For more than 100 years, police pursuit and response call crashes have killed innocent bystanders and police officers. Very little has changed. Well-defined, life-saving polices need to be instituted and followed by officers. Too often life-saving pursuit policies are placed on a shelf and gather dust.

Innocent Bystanders Killed
Not one of these deaths resulted from a chase to catch a murderer, rapist or pedophile.

Teale SissonDesiree GuzmanJason Siebert
..Brandon Harper ..Halley Lee . .Teale Sisson Desiree Guzman Steven Aveles . Jason Siebert

More pictures & names of — and tributes to — victims of this crime.

Kristie's Law
Deadly Pursuit

Kristie's Law was a proposed measure first introduced to the California state legislature in 2003. It directly and pro-actively addressed safety standards to minimize the risk injuries and deaths related to vehicular police pursuits for the public and peace officers. Kristie's Law would have created standards to ensure police pursuits are conducted in a response to an immediate threat to life or a serious crime. Another life-saving necessity was to require officers to follow their own agency's pursuit policy. California State Senator Sam Aanestad, R-Grass Valley is the author of Kristie's Law.

California: The Daily Journal, Perspectives—September 30, 2009—Underneath that rigid view of right and wrong is an implicit balancing test diminishing the value of the persons drawing the negative lottery ticket. That human roadblock [innocent bystander] is an abstract entity until the number is drawn. Thereafter, it is Kristie Priano. More on California's one specific area of law which is shamefully unique among the fifty states; it's Not So Black and White.

Worldwide, advocates for Kristie's Law believe in law and order. People who break the law, no matter what the crime, need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Advocates believe the penalty for fleeing and eluding should be mandatory prison time.

Could this happen to someone in your family?
None of these people ever thought it could happen to them.

"The Police Chief,
The Professional Voice of Law Enforcement, published an article with this quote: "Abandoning the pursuit does not mean the officer stops apprehension efforts; rather, the officer initiates other resources to bring about the apprehension. —Lt. John Specht, Hillsboro, Oregon, PD

Survey Results: What do you think should be the police's first priority in a high-speed chase? Answer.

Photo taken 2013 in Dallas while Candy visited with family members of innocent victims.

Candy Priano
Founder & Victim Services Director of PursuitSAFETY


Mark, Candy, Steve and Kristie
back home in Valparaiso, Indiana.
The magical summer of 1993.