Modesto Bee Letter to the Editor
Published: April 29, 2003, 06:30:13 AM PDT

Inappropriate chase

There was a police chase in the Modesto-Ceres area recently. I am very angry that a police pursuit took place in Ceres at the same time children were getting out of school in the Ceres area, not to mention other lives that could have ended over this chase. Haven't we learned enough from high-speed chases yet?

I do not believe the police officers should keep up the pursuit while in the vicinity of schools, and/or around a lot of homes where children might be. Are there not police helicopters that could have watched the car and kept an eye on it until it was safe to proceed with the chase?


After hearing about and then reading Nancy's letter to the editor, I called Nancy. She said, it had been reported in the newspaper that the school was closed the day of this chase.  Nancy says otherwise. She told me she was at school picking up her grandchildren, and school was definitely in session. I gave Nancy the address for the Kristie's Law Web site and the following message is her response.                                                                       


Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Hello Candy,
I must say that Kristie's site put chills down my arms and tears in my eyes. God Bless you for making it possible to one day stop these stupid pursuits. I will be linking your site to various pages and also sending a link to family and friends to sign petition. Thank you for calling today, my deepest sympathy to you and your family. 
God Bless,    
Nancy J. Garrad  



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