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One Crash = Three Blameless Victims
in Massachusetts

Paul Farris, 23, Killed
Katelyn Hoyt, Critically Injured
Walid Chahine, 45, Critically Injured, died June 3

Cab driver Walid Chahine of Methuen was critically hurt when his cab was struck by a stolen SUV driven by a man being chased by state police.
Handout / Courtesy Photo

Family of critically injured cab driver: Why state police chase?
Zach Church,

It was supposed to be Walid Chahine's last night driving a taxi. His family had urged him to stop what they considered a dangerous job, but the promise of a profitable Memorial Day weekend was too much of a temptation to give up. Now, members of his family are questioning the rationale of a state police chase that ended in a crash which resulted in the death of one of Chahine's passengers and critically injured him and another passenger early last Sunday morning.

Katelyn Hoyt and Paul Farris.

Paul Farris, a 2006 graduate of Tufts University and lead singer of a popular Boston rock band was killed May 27 after a sport utility vehicle being chased by State Police crashed into the taxi cab in which he and his girlfriend were passengers.

Farris, 23, of Medford, who had recently taken his law school entrance exams and was the lead singer of theMark, was pronounced dead at Somerville Hospital soon after the early morning accident, the Middlesex District Attorney's office said. (Note: This was NOT an "accident.")

Our greatest concern is for our son's girlfriend

John Farris is very matter-of-fact about how he feels about Sunday's crash that took his son's life.

"Our greatest concern is ... Paul's gone. Our greatest concern right now is his girlfriend Katelyn Hoyt," the elder Farris said. "She was an absolute sweetheart and she's in critical condition. We're praying for her and her family."

Cabdriver injured in State Police chase dies
Boston Globe
At the end of the day, there has to be a balance by the risk posed by a high-speed pursuit.
Every neighborhood around there is thickly settled. ...

It sounded like an explosion

Driver arraigned in death of musician after police chase...

Police chases not worth risk of tragedy

by Margery Eagan
Boston Globe Columnist

Explain this, please: Because about 100 children a year are abducted and killed by strangers, we have totally revamped American childhood. "Good" parents won't even let children in the back yard alone.

Yet at least that many innocent Americans, including children (some estimate two or three times as many) are killed every year in police chases. And every time I've written a column asking if these chases are worth it, the response is the same.

Surely I am insane.


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Cut to the Chase

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