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Only 10 percent of all pursuits involve murderers or criminals who put the public in imminent danger. (Source: U.S. Department of Justice)

In California, peace officers are not held accountable
for their actions during a police pursuit, even if that pursuit results in the death or injury of an innocent bystander.
California law requires law enforcement agencies to have 4-point pursuit policies in order for them to receive blanket immunity, but the law does not require officers to follow that policy.
Consequently, California now has pursuits in school zones, residential areas, and high school parking lots!  

In 2001,
51 people were killed in California pursuits; 24 were innocent bystanders. (Source: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) 

California leads the nation
in the number of innocent bystanders killed in police pursuits, and the number is growing.  (Source: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Kristie's Law will not eliminate police pursuits.

Kristie's Law = 
The Safest Pursuit Law in the United States
Senator Sam Aanestad

Kristie's Law is a model for law enforcement and will provide a safer environment for peace officers and innocent bystanders. California needs to put an end to unnecessary and meaningless police pursuits. Progressive peace officers and lawmakers realize that there are safer ways to catch suspects who flee from police. A human life is more valuable than a stolen car, merchandise, money, or teaching a teenager a lesson. Let's stop the tragic stories of children dying, babies being maimed, and the death toll rising from dangerous and oftentimes unnecessary pursuits in California!

Kristie's Law, to be voted on in 2004, establishes effective statewide guidelines to rectify weaknesses in current police pursuit practices.

Kristie's Law supports police pursuits when the suspect puts the public in imminent peril. 

Kristie's Law will require officers to follow a clearly defined statewide pursuit policy.  

Kristie's Law will provide public educational opportunities by including questions about pursuits in the written driver's license examination and create school programs on the dangers of pursuits.



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