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Letter to the Editor

Do not forget the innocent  
Published in the Chico Enterprise-Record, May 25, 2004

Jo Boelens is right. Kristie's name has been played over and over and over before us. So, let's give her a new set of names and ages of innocent victims of police pursuit in California. And note, this is not a complete list of innocent victims of police pursuits, and if Kristie's Law had been in effect none of these deaths would have occurred. In all these cases the police were chasing suspects who had committed property crimes or broken traffic laws.  

In 2004: Mariline, 45; Maria, 32; Ana, 45; Darlene, 2; Armando, 25; Daniella, 19; Adam, 22. Then there's Delonn, 49; Eula, 70; Gregory, 50; Jody, 37; Quillar, 74; Sergio, 35; Teale, 9; Aaron, 33; Jacob, age unknown; Scott, 35; Travis, 8; Aaron, 28; William, 75; Evelyn, 4; Brian, 10; Jessica, 18; Korina, 7; Kelly, 17; Myra, 23; Theodore, 33; Bernice, 43; Ashley, 16; Christina, 14; Desiree, 14.

We can never forget what happened to Kristie, and if that means hearing about it repeatedly until police pursuits become safer, then so be it. Kristie's death was both unnecessary and preventable, and Chico and California cannot afford to forget about her and the way she died. Kristie was an innocent bystander who was killed because of a police pursuit that never should have happened. Let us never forget Kristie or all of the many other victims who died so unnecessarily.

John D. Lozano


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