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Published in the Fresno Bee
May 4, 2004

Don't ban chases

Born free? Live in America? What is this freedom and American dream?

Let's make Fresno the best place to live and put criminals totally "down in the dumps." I am writing as a concerned citizen because a new law someone is promoting is more than discouraging to law enforcement officers. They risk their lives to protect us. They have families, too. The new law would stop law enforcement officers from conducting high-speed chases to catch criminals. This would endanger everyday citizens and must not be passed.

Emotionalism and unfocused sensationalism are promoting illogical and impractical lawmaking. This bill, if passed, would promote chaos and disrespect for any attempt to enforce the law.

People with focus and purpose train the next generation to be productive citizens. What is the inheritance to be passed onto their generation? Back the law—don't restrict cops' efforts to catch the criminals.

Louise West 



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