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Population: 4,506,542

In 2003, NHTSA reports nine known* fatalities by pursuit crashes in Colorado; two deaths were innocent bystanders. Deaths of passengers -- including children -- in the chased vehicles are not counted as innocent victims. Their deaths are counted as "occupants of chased vehicles."

Colorado State Patrol

Google: Colorado Police Pursuit

Google: Colorado Police Chase

National Association of Police Organizations

National Sheriffs' Association

Drive & Stay Alive: Police Pursuits

*Police pursuit deaths are under-reported for many reasons, click here.

Reported Deaths
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Reports on fatalities due to violent pursuit crashes, click here.

2003 NHTSA report by state, click here.
2002 NHTSA report by state, click here.
1992 through 2001 NHTSA reports by state, click here.

Colorado Laws Governing
Police Vehicular Pursuit

Colorado "on immunity" if officers fail to follow their pursuit policy.

Research in progress

Colorado's Penalties for Fleeing
Research in progress

Colorado's Penalties for Fleeing Juveniles
Research in progress

Pending Colorado Legislation on Police Pursuits
Information will be provided as it becomes available.

Media reports on Colorado pursuits

Denver's top cop on tightrope
Rocky Mountain News - Denver,CO,USA Dec. 31, 2005
... Shortly after taking office, Whitman slapped down rules limiting high-speed chases. He also implemented a program to track possible racial profiling. ...

Media reports
USA Today: Police pressured to call off chase January 5, 2003

Innocent Victims of Colorado Pursuits
Victim In Chase, Crash Talks About Losing Baby
Monica Ortiz talks about the death of her unborn baby boy, January 4, 2006. Ortiz said that the pain of the loss of her boy is intolerable. She also said she thinks police should have been more cautious in their pursuit of a stolen car.

"I think that he shouldn't have been doing what he was doing and I don't think the police should have been chasing him either," Ortiz said. "I think that if they weren't chasing him I wouldn't have gotten hit."

Colorado Case Laws
on Police Pursuits



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