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Four Killed in Stockton School Zone
All are innocent victims—a mother and three teenage girls

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One wonders what the public outcry would have been if this deadly chase—which occurred in the poorest school zone in Stockton—had occurred in a more prestigious school zone? Would there even have been a chase in a more prestigious neighborhood? Probably not.

As with many chases that result in deaths to innocent victims, this deadly chase received minimal media coverage on a national and state level. I never even heard about this chase until Ron Guzman, Desiree's father, wrote to me and sent me the information on this chase that resulted in Desiree's death and the deaths of the Martinez family: Bernice, the mom, and her daughters Christina and Ashley. Bernice was a widow.

This Stockton pursuit occurred in the city's poorest area. It was the end of another school day, and moms were picking up their children. This pursuit was initiated for a traffic violation. One wonders if our state law would have been changed if this deadly pursuit had occurred in a more affluent zip code, such as 90210?

The Chico pursuit that killed Kristina "Kristie" Priano occurred in the Avenues, a low-to-mid income level residential neighborhood. One wonders if the Chico police would have chased a teenager who had taken her mother's car without permission through Chico's more affluent neighborhoods, e.g., Garden Brook Estates, California Park, or on Songbird Lane?

Quite frankly, I believe neither one of these pursuits would have occurred in these more prestigious neighborhoods, even if similar situations had occurred in these areas. Knowing that they would be held more accountable to the wealthy, officers would not pursue these suspects for minor infractions because the risks of a high-speed chase far outweighed the benefit of catching these two suspects. The officers would have found a another way to catch these suspects.
In Stockton, the police had identified the suspect as a high school student. He was seen leaving the school's parking lot prior to the pursuit. In Chico, the full identity and address of the teen was known prior to the pursuit. When officers observed her driving prior to the pursuit, she was not speeding; she was not running stop signs. -- Candy Priano, Chico

Teale Sisson, age 9, was on her way to the fair when she was killed August 2003 in a pursuit-related crash in Ione, near Napa Valley.
Here's Teale's story.
Teale's aunt sends an e-mail to Candy:
"I've followed your plight since my 9-year-old niece was killed in August 2003, as a result of a CHP high-speed pursuit. The evading car was being pulled over for speeding. The CHP chased the vehicle at speeds over 100 mph. The evading car attempted to turn onto Highway 16 near Jackson, California, at 4:40 p.m., on that Friday afternoon. The CHP had chased the evading vehicle for over 7 miles. The car Teale was riding in was struck, and she was killed instantly."
-- Teri Sisson, Napa
"It won't happen to me or my loved ones," I said that once. Read about Public Apathy

Attempts to pass Kristie's Law in 2004—legislation for safer police vehicular pursuits:


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