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Motor vehicle traffic crashes involving police pursuits are not "car accidents."
Innocent people killed and injured in these chases are victims of a crime.

Campaigning for Kristie's Law

"These chases to my mind. . .must be ALLOWED ONLY IN THE MOST serious circumstances of "kidnapping" or fleeing from a violent crime against a person! ...that would at least balance the "cost vs. benefits" of the chases and risks involved!  I hope this bill will be a start but I think the entire policies of the law enforcement agencies throughout California must be revamped!  Unless there's a "rogue cop" issue ... it's really the bad, poorly thought out policies and procedures that are causing the needless, senseless injuries and deaths of innocent  ... and even in a "legalese" "cost/benefit" analysis ... what horrible "costs" for what? ...benefit? ...catch a car thief? much is a car worth? a child's life? ...balance that one out!  This is the argument I would use ... public safety issue ...tie it to no immunity for the policy and procedures MAKERS! ...and you will have a bill with nasty teeth in it!  ...if the environmentalists were able to do it—so will you!"

--Fran Aperones, campaigning for Kristie's Law in Los Angeles

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