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News/Editorial Columns

KFMB-TV, San Diego: Pursuit & Punishment: Is justice served November 23, 2005
KFMB-TV, San Diego: Pursuit & Punishment: The road to justice November 22, 2005
Candy Priano's response to the KFMB-TV, San Diego reports: Innocent victims of pursuit and victims of DUI crashes rarely see justice November 26, 2005
Ventura County Star: Police pursuits need adjusting June 16, 2005
NC Cops forget the innocent in high-speed chases May 12, 2005
L.A. Police Chase Ends In Fatal Showdown - Live On TV May 12, 2005
Ventura County Star: State pursuit policy needed; police, bystanders' lives at stake April 6, 2005
KSBW-TV: Editorial: High-Speed Chases March 11, 2005
KFMB-TV, San Diego: California grapples with televised car chases March 7, 2005
Chico Enterprise-Record: Aanestad bravely strikes out on his own May 30, 2004
Ventura County Star Editorial: Police pursuit law is overdue April 14, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. cops orders to limit pursuits: Bystander's death leads to memo on nonviolent suspects April 2, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle: Slow the cop chases March 11, 2004 Time for a Change November 15, 2003
Number of Police Pursuits Drop Dramatically in Los Angeles
August 20, 2003
New LAPD policy review: Injuries to third parties, 18 in 2002, compared to 4 in 2003, have decreased by 78%. 4 LAPD officers were injured in 2003 compared to 6 in 2002: a 33% decrease.
Fresno Bee: CHP needs to pursue new policy

Ventura County Star: CHP must change policy January 31, 2003
USA Today: Police pressured to call off chase January 5, 2003
Nationwide law enforcement departments are adopting restrictive pursuit policies. Read more.

Opinion Articles

Appellate Court judges speak out for citizens' safety
Simply adopting the policy is sufficient under the current state of the law.
"But the law in its current state simply grants a 'get out of liability free card' to public entities that go through the formality of adopting such a policy. ...
Unfortunately, the adoption of a policy which may never be implemented is cold comfort to innocent bystanders who get in the way of a police pursuit. We do not know if the policy was followed in this instance, and that is precisely the point: We will never know ...
This opinion was published November 26, 2002, and Californians are still waiting for real changes in our state's outdated and dangerous pursuit practices.
Police-pursuit bill requires teeth
San Francisco Chronicle Open Forum. California's Senate Bill 719, at best, is an after-the-fact piece of legislation: after a child is killed, after a young father is facially disfigured for life from a fiery crash, after a mother and three teens are killed in a pursuit through a school zone at 3 p.m., or after a baby's arm is severed. These are real-life tragedies of police chases gone very badly awry in California. And yes, the families of these victims blame the people who flee for these tragedies. But just as true, Californians deserve a more preventive measure to ensure that our pursuit policies and practices will save lives.
published: 07/28/2005
Chase deaths are no trivial pursuit
California leads the nation in such tragic outcomes. Not coincidentally, California also has the most forgiving blanket immunity law in favor of police departments. California's law enforcement agencies are required to promulgate pursuit policies, but, remarkably, not to adhere to them. In essence, the police are not required to follow their own or, for that matter, any rules.
published: 05/20/2005
Kristie's Law would control cop chases
Latest bizarre pursuit shows need for changes in California pursuit policy, writes Robert L. Bastian Jr. The Los Angeles Police Department has no explanation for why, on the night of last March 31, a motorcycle officer continued a wild pursuit of a forgery suspect on motorcycle through Westside red lights onto Beverly Hills sidewalks.
published: 04/11/2005
Pursuing justice for 'lost crime victims'
Crime victims leave behind families who fear that their loved ones will be forgotten. For decades and even today, innocent people killed in police pursuits are considered "collateral damage." Families of pursuit victims don't even have a chance to fear that their loved ones will be forgotten because they quickly learn that their children, siblings, parents, grandparents are the "lost crime victims."
published: 05/26/2004

Kristie's Law essentially bans police pursuits
Re: The Star's April 14 editorial, "Police pursuit law is overdue": To pursue or not to pursue? That is the question. Police officers are expected to make critical decisions on a regular basis. One decision that occurs all too frequently is whether or not to initiate a vehicle pursuit.
published: 05/02/2004

Protect and Serve ... Always
An officer who realizes his job is to "protect and serve."
published: circa January 2004


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Don't second-guess police September 8, 2005

Deadly Pursuit August 9, 2005

Pursuits aren't outlawed June 19 , 2005

Learn from Maryland's error June 6 , 2005

Public safety first; ban plea-bargain deals December 30, 2004

Make pursuits safer January 13, 2004

CHP lacks compassion for innocent victim December 3, 2003

Inappropriate Chase in School Zone April 29, 2003

Not feeling safe now! April 29, 2003

A weak argument for police chases November 29, 2002


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