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Population: 5,456,453

In 2003, NHTSA reports 11 known* fatalities by pursuit crashes in Arizona; six were innocent victims. Deaths of passengers -- including children -- in the chased vehicles are not counted as innocent victims. Their deaths are counted as "occupants of chased vehicles."

Arizona Department of Public Safety

Google: Arizona Police Pursuit

Arizona Police Chase

National Association of Police Organizations

National Sheriffs' Association

Drive & Stay Alive: Police Pursuits

*Police pursuit deaths are under-reported for many reasons, click here.

Reported Deaths
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Reports on fatalities due to violent pursuit crashes, click here.

2003 NHTSA report by state, click here.
2002 NHTSA report by state, click here.
1992 through 2001 NHTSA reports by state, click here.

Arizona Laws Governing
Police Vehicular Pursuit
Arizona does not grant blanket immunity. Public entities and officers are held accountable when officers fail to follow the pursuit policy their law enforcement agency has actually adopted.

Officer Accountability
East Valley Tribune: Scottsdale cops punished for high-speed chase
The Arizona Republic: $1 million awarded in son's death

KOLD-TV - Tucson, AZ June 25, 2004
Marana police says Michelle Ochoa will be suspended without pay for one day for joining in the pursuit without authorization. Detective ...

Officer Training
Research in progress

Arizona Penalties
for Fleeing

These penalties are for fleeing only.
Research in progress

Arizona's Penalties for Fleeing Juveniles
Research in progress

Pending Arizona Legislation
on Police Pursuits

Police Pursuit (SB1245) | This bill sought to limit when an officer could engage in a pursuit and ignore traffic control devices. The APA stood against this bill. The bill was held in Senate Judiciary Committee.

Media reports on Arizona pursuits
Phoenix police are restricting car chases
The Arizona Republic ... Phoenix police no longer will chase... Nationwide, one person dies every day as a result of a police pursuit, ... Oct. 19, 2005

Arizona Limiting Speedy Chases
PHX News, Arizona,  Nov. 11, 2003
Sheriff Joe Arpaio once said he wouldn't back down from his aggressive pursuit policy, but the sheriff changed his mind and put a stop to high-speed ... it's about public safety. Arpaio's critics who are organizing legislation for statewide rules on regulating police pursuits praised... 
From the above story: Deputies will no longer conduct high-speed chases for ordinary traffic violations or property crimes, similar to the restrictive policy in Kristie's Law, SB 718.

Media reports
USA Today: Police pressured to call off chase
January 5, 2003

Innocent Victims of Arizona Pursuits
Cody Brett Morrison, 22, Scottsdale, April 7, 2005

For more information, "Google" names.

Arizona Case Laws
on Police Pursuits


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