Aubrey Nothum

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Aubrey Nothum

Aubrey and son Jaxson

Aubrey Nothum, 17, leaves behind her son, Jaxson.


A Father's Message

I am writing this letter because on July 27, 2012, a police chase ended, killing my innocent daughter Aubrey.

A 13-year-old girl fleeing from the police in her parents' pick-up truck struck Aubrey's car at a high rate of speed while she sat at a red light.

Aubrey was an amazing girl and left behind a beautiful 14-month-old little boy, Jaxson, who was the light of her life. She had worked so hard to turn her life around and was an incredible mother. A straight-A student, Aubrey was to graduate a semester early from high school and start a nursing program because she wanted to help others.

Tim Nothum
Washington, MO

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Families of pursuit victims live in every city,
in every state, in every country.

Together, we will unite to prevent these senseless tragedies from happening to others.

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