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Population: 4,486,508

In 2003, NHTSA reports 10 known* fatalities by pursuit crashes in Alabama; two were innocent victims.

Alabama Department of Public Safety

Google: Alabama Police Pursuit

Alabama Police Chase

National Association of Police Organizations

National Sheriffs' Association

Drive & Stay Alive: Police Pursuits

*Police pursuit deaths are under-reported for many reasons, click here.

Reported Deaths
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Reports on fatalities due to violent pursuit crashes, click here.

2003 NHTSA report by state, click here.
1992 - 2001 NHTSA reports, click here.

Alabama Laws Governing
Police Vehicular Pursuit

Alabama does not grant blanket immunity. Public entities and officers receive immunity if officers follow the pursuit policy their law enforcement agency has actually adopted.

Officer Accountability
Research in progress

Officer Training
Criminal Justice Training Center: State Troopers

Alabama Penalties
for Fleeing

These penalties are for fleeing only.
Research in progress

Alabama's Penalties for Fleeing Juveniles
Research in progress

Pending Alabama Legislation
on Police Pursuits

Media reports on Alabama pursuits
Griffin Speaks: High-Speed Police Chases

Media reports
USA Today: Police pressured to call off chase January 5, 2003

Innocent Victims of Alabama Pursuits
Birmingham Officer Jason Robert Eckes was off duty when struck by someone fleeing police. April 19, 2005

For more information, "Google" names.

Alabama Case Laws
on Police Pursuits
Police Pursuits: Reforming the Law
A string of Alabama cases address negligence as a cause of action in police pursuits. In Madison v. Weldon (1984), the Supreme Court acknowledged a "liberal ...


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